Natalie Belford is a graduate from The King’s College in New York City.

As a lover of all things books, she often finds herself lost in words.

Does Interpretation of Literature Destroy the Purpose of the Art?

As I sit here in my room, listening to Victorian London ambience, a question from my school reading popped into my head. “Now, why would I want to listen to some academia nerd about literature?” I’m sure that’s what you’re all thinking. Well, I can say this with confidence: interpretation of the arts is somethingContinue reading “Does Interpretation of Literature Destroy the Purpose of the Art?”

Diagnosis Psychosis

Sweat clings to me, my shirt, my sheets. Dreams tug me back into their arms, pulling me until my eyes tear away from familiar shadows cast by the dull lamps that flicker outside. Lucidity opens her arms and lets me go; lets me fall into the storm of jumbled thoughts and ideas that are tingedContinue reading “Diagnosis Psychosis”